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This forum is the number one place to get your PNE news Raef.... it’s ultra topical.
I haven't lived in Preston for over 30 years, and all I'm really interested is PNE news and the big things affecting Preston as a whole. For me, this is covered pretty well by PNE Online. It's probably the best ex pats footy forum there is.

The LEP is plain crap, so there's no way I'm paying them a penny.


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I stopped getting the LEP when my local newsagent stopped doing deliveries as they could not get any paper boys/ girls to work fir them. Another sad reflection of our times. I rarely visit the shops so don’t pick one up. I tend to catch up on them retrospectively via other people copies

It’s very easy to criticise but if you went down there you’d realise they do a first rate job from what is not even a skeleton staff. I’ve tried the online version but I use an iPad and it’s not so much the quantum of adverts, more the way they interfere with page downloading, accidental clicks etc.

I might try the subscription model simply because, though its days may be numbered, I feel it’s right to try and support local journalism.

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It's rubbish these days, the LEP, stopped buying it years ago. I only ever really used to get it for the Jobs page on a Thursday, and, as a young lad, would look forward to scouring the reports they used to do on local boys/Sunday League football to see if I got my name mentioned for scoring the previous weekend, which would then get lovingly cut out and put into a scrap book by my dad.