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Leagues 1, 2, National League and below.

Great result for Little Bradford on Sea (Morecambe) against Bratford.
Got home from Flookburgh around 3 ish to find no parking outside the Bungalow. That only happens when Morecambe have a big game (we are by Regent Park), we are literally a 10 minute walk from the ground.
Really not a happy bunny, gave the Bratford fans who parked outside the evil eye, when they picked it up, was going go knock on window & shout fuk off, but Mrs stopped me.
Settled for dashing out when they came back, to park the PNE plate outside and shout bout time now fuk off to them.
Mrs said 'they don't look happy'
i said 'there old blokes, you can't really tell' (they looked older than me & i'm 68 - (she's 51) :D
That Wrexham match must've been a cracking one to be at... Unless you're a Swindon fan. Great for the neutral.

Meanwhile in the lower leagues, AFC Fylde ballsed it up against Wealdstone 🤣