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Leagues 1, 2, National League and below.

Doesn't justify raising prices by £5 for 1 game though, Wrexham might have more money than the rest of the clubs, but its the fans who have to pay the price, not the club
I am assuming that Wrexham will be taking their full allocation ( 1,500 ? ) for this game so Accrington are looking to cash in
Accy beating high flying Wrexham 2-0 after the public bitchfest about tickets is rather amusing
Disappointed Derek's gone, he's done an excellent job at Morecambe. It didn't end well when he left for Bradford.
@Henrys Cat didn't your lad play for Ross County? Was Derek his manager?
I think that you are right Janie , i also seem to remember a connection with Bradford as well , or have i made that up ??

@Henrys Cat , help us out
Not the North East, but he played for Bradford City, Accy Stanley and later Macckesfield Town when they were in the Football League. Played non League at Altrincham and Barrow as well.
Is he involved in the game now in any capacity ??
Is he involved in the game now in any capacity ??
No, daft as it sounds, he just doesn't particulalry like football these days. Never wactches it. He played a season or two in the Sunday League for Bamber Bridge United but completely lost interest in the game.