Liam Lindsay signs permenantly from Stoke (Confirmed)


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Just shows how naive you are kid! 😂

To be fair to the fella when you tried to copy Chip Barm and claim we would be paying more than 500k when he was insinuating it would be way lower had me starting to doubt you too.

Plus, with Tony Scholes being Uncle Tony, are you sure you're in a position to call anybody kid?


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Out of contract in twelve months and as far as I'm aware, has yet to be offered a new deal (only a couple have so far from what I've heard)

We can all see what's coming.
Yes, I'm sure he'll get the token derisory offer in January. 😒 He's just as versatile (if not moreso) than Alan Browne in that he can play RWB, RW and up top, not to mention the added bonus of the long throw. It'd be madness if we were to let him leave and another X against the hierarchy for me.