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CONFIRMED Limited edition Splash shirt.

Lovely gesture, but the kit is just meh. Would’ve been nice to see a replica of the kit they wore on that day without sponsors etc for a one off

Wouldn’t mind that being our usual kit though
Yeah you'd think they could do away with the sponsors at least for a memorial kit

Think it looks dreadful myself. Like something my printer would come out with when low on ink.
70 quid for that if you want to buy it. 55 quid for kids

Don’t think we need to worry about stock…
Is it just a load of old dots? Or is there more to it?
Zoomed in a bit on the official site, and there's a bit of a faded pattern on the rest of the shirt too. It's nice enough but you'd have to be a bit of an anorak to spunk £70 on it.
"Please note, the gold lettering and numbers will not be available to buy for these shirts."

That's a shame I thought that was one of the better features to this kit.
I just don't think it's a very good Finney kit. If the club hadn't told us, I'd have no clue what the point of it is.

Honestly I'd rather they just made this our home kit next season.
Looks absolutely hideous in my opinion.

If I wanted a shirt like that, I'd just ask my local painter and decorator for one after he had painted a blue wall....

£70 is absolutely outrageous for a shirt to commemorate the clubs biggest legend. And only £10 of it is going to charity. Deary me. Not sure he'd be a fan of that price...

Lovely touch - poorly executed.