Martin Allen


I know a lot of people on here don't like the guy, but I really rate the guy. Seems dead down to earth, you just know people want to play for him.

Saw him on Sky when he first took over at Brentford. The club could'nt afford a pre season trip, so he had all the players stop at his house to get them bonding. Organised snooker tournaments, darts, putting on his lawn, cards etc.
The training ground was a mess so he asked for supporters to help spruce them up and made the playing squad help when they were not training and even the directors had to get the paint brushes out.
He said by the start of the season everyone was in it together and the moral at the whole club was fantastic.

As he says "Football owes them nothing"

No room for prima donnas at his clubs, I suspect. The trouble is in this day and age it may seriously affect his ability to manage at the top level, with the way most Premier League players act.


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Re: Martin Allen

To me he's always come across as a decent bloke. I thought it was good last season when brentford played charlton in the cup he let one of the fans into the dug out with him (the fan paid for the privelidge which went to the club to raise funds) and even let then shout instructions at the players.

i agree that he is a dead down to earth man