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Match Day - Czech Republic v England - 22/06/21 - KO: 20:00 - Group D

7 points from 3 games, top of the group, no goals conceded. Pretty decent group stage, all things considered. Even showed Jockoland a bit of sympathy and let them think they had a chance of progressing. I’ll take that.👍👍
Another snorefest but we get one more week at the Euros. Whoever we play put of the group of death will not be worried at all
We’ll see what we’re made of Tuesday next. I’m going to be optimistic, especially if we start with the same line up and formation as tonight.
Win's a win I suppose but that second half was as dull as dishwater. Kane contributed the square root of fuck all again.

We'll be easily beaten by Portugal/France/Germany.
Second half was a bit of a non event but it's a win and we top the group. Scotland finish bottom.

That will do for now but we need to be better to progress any further.