Match Day - Donkey Lashers v Preston North End - 23/10/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship


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Donkey Lashers v Preston North End
Saturday 23rd October 2021 , Kick Off 3PM
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For the first time in my career, I now work from the Blackpool office. The thought of today not going well is frankly unbearable. Please lads, give me something to smile about on Monday morning and for the next 5 months. They are decent at the moment, so we must be on our metal from the first whistle. They smashed Rovers early on and we must expect an onslaught. COYW


Watching it at been back folk say it's a must not lose game any derby game is but going into Derby games you should be up for it I know them lot are let's F do it today 😁


I've heard a rumour that Blackpool have put the away stand up to full capacity, but sold the extra tickets to home fans??


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My sons going he is 26 and not a trouble maker at all and he is talking about his worry of being jumped by a group of Pool fans. Told him that BTP and Lancs Police will be over this like a rash.. Or they should be. Have every faith in PC Paul he seems a good un.
100% agree. I hope your son enjoys the game. I am so looking forward to going it’s been a few years now.


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As for the players.
They know what this means to the fans.
They should know this is going to be a battle for 90 plus minutes.
So stand tall, and hit hard right from the first whistle.
Let the Blackpool team know you're there to win, and overpower them.Today is a day for heroes and legends.
And remember, if today isn't our day, it's better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all.


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Let's hope the few who will be going just for the trouble don't spoil it for the many who are there to support the team.
the hooligan element should be named, shamed and banned for life imo .
I wish they’d let all the half wits from both sides meet on Blackpool beach with no Police and let them duff each other up without it bothering the rest of supporters from either team.