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Match Day - England V Germany - 29/06/21 - KO:17:00 - Last 16 - Euro 2020

I disagree that Kane isn't world class. He's probably in the top 5 in the world in his position. Has won the golden boot in a World Cup. Multiple golden boots in the Premier League (golden boot and assist award last season) in a team that never even wins anything.

I'm sure people will point to 3 boring, cagey group stage games as a reason why he isn't 'world class' but his record and performances over a 5-6 year period suggest otherwise.

Until the second half today, our midfielders have spent the whole tournament passing backwards and sideways, our full backs have largely been stood in our own half and our most creative player, Grealish, has been mostly on the bench.

If we can get on the front foot and be more aggressive in our attacking actions like we were today in the final half an hour, Kane will get the goals like he always does.
You could be talking about pne in the last 15 months there…..
Yarmolenko I reckon. Zinchenko has been playing in the midfield so I think our midfield could keep him quiet

Still put in the cross to win that game after 2 hours of football. Yarmolenko has talent though tbf, kinda forgot about him, he's become a bit part player for West Ham.
If you boo/cheer little girls crying, boo an opposition National anthem or boo your own team for taking the knee then you’ve got a problem.
One numb nuts who I know from this camp actually posted a picture of Hitler on his Facebook page.
I was in Germany a few years ago when England played Sweden, think it was euro 2012?, I was surprised to see a number of Germans celebrating when England won and they all seemed like a friendly bunch, I cant imagine being in a bar in England while Germany are playing and seeing the same sort of atmosphere