Match Day - Plastics v PNE - 11/01/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship


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Tactical switch with Barky and Harrop was spot on, unlike our passing and energy which has been virtually non existent. No better than the last two home league games really.


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We urgently need to strengthen CM. Gally and Browne struggling for form. Bayliss / Ledson not ready.
Indeed we do. Gallagher seems to be in a decline that continues. Ledson seems to have played well in the second half last week and I just cannot understand why Potts is on the bench and not him. As it is the option for today might be to move Browne back, Harrop to the centre and bring Sinclair on.

By Tor

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Not a great half by all accounts...hope to come out blazing 2nd half early goal for Whites Maguire then we bring on Sinclair who scores on his debut North End win 3-1 ?

Sid Snot

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So much for the Sinclair signing giving the other players a boost. We need him and/or Stockley on at half time.
I thought that after Harrop's awesome goal but it was short lived. If anybody is benefiting it's Barky. I'm not his (nor Harrop's) biggest fan but credit to the lad this afternoon.


Advisor to the Owner
They went right so we swapped Harrop and Barky
now they have Harrop and Clarke so they will target right more
get Sinclair on
move Barky right
sub Gally
Browne with Pearo
stockley up top Maguire or Harrop in 10 role with other subbed


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Maguire, Barkhausin and Pearson strong first halves. What a player Pearson would be if he adopted a more attacking mentality when he has the ball and has time on it.

Clarke and Gallagher, though smart players, looking like they're vulnerable at times. I expect no contract extensions for these 2.