Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - Championship - 27/06/20 - KO:12:30 pm


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for me we picked our best available team so I cant moan about that but though the names on the shirts were familiar the bodies inside them were largely unrecognisable...

Everything was summed up in the first minute of the 2nd half. We take the kick off, Davies goes long to Stockley and is a good 10 metres off target; its headed out to Fisher who heads it straight back to a blue shirt who clears. Bauer picks up the clearance and slices it out for a throw to them.
We regain possession, Browne passes a 5 metre ball out for a throw between Barky & Fisher. We regain it again and Pearo does a fancy back heel to Barky which again goes out of play.

I'm sure, whatever AN told them at half time, it wasn't to concede 3 throw ins and give the ball away 5 times... but we did...

Making team changes for weds might well be required and understandable but if the players constantly make the same basic errors, time and again, tactics; formations; wont make the slightest difference....
It looked just like a pre-season game for much of the match, just no sharpness at all.


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1-3 at home to Cardiff and we're still in with a chance (very slim) of promotion.
Realistically, after watching City at Newcastle in the cup, can you imagine how we'd fair in the Prem?
Don't get me wrong, I'd jump at the chance but Jesus we'd get absolutely mullared.
Our squad would pretty much need to be completely changed. Out of the current first team squad, who would realistically make a mark in the Prem?
I think we'd be relegated with the lowest ever points haul but with a rather healthy bank account.
Maybe we could do a Burnley and bounce back in a stronger position and able to compete there on after.

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Just read the Fans" panel in the LEP regarding the Cardiff game and the piece by Budgierustler (JR) who unfortunately now posts to infrequently for me on here.
Any way could not disagree with his report on the Cardiff game, which was pretty much 100% accurate on how I saw the game.
His end summary from a life long North Ender, who will travel the length and breadth of the country when possible to watch all North End games says it all for me and AN/PR and TH should all read and digest.
" I certainly think the manager did not react qiickly enough and seemed more intent on not losing the game than winning it. Our tactics have been well and truly sussed and there seems to be no coherent plan B for when things need changing on the field. We are the whipping boys in this division at the moment.... On the evidence of this performance I really don't see where our next win is coming from. This was pretty dismal stuff by Championship standards and the natives are getting slightly restless. "
Good Post JR, hope to see you back on here more often.