Match Day - PNE v Liverpool - 27/10/21 - KO:19:45 - League Cup 4th Round


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Not sure about Lindsay - he miskicked at least two clearances, went to ground and missed the ball allowing them to have an open run at Rudd that only avoided a goal because of Rudds save, and let his man get goalside of him for the first goal

Sepp did everything he needed to do, got his head on every ball forward, had the pace to track Minamino all night which is a great attribute for a centre back, and didn’t look uncomfortable on the ball bar one slice out of play in the second half. The only issue with him playing CB is if we ever move to a 2, can he play there?
Might be a bit harsh for the first goal bit, Hughes didn’t cover himself in glory either but Lindsay is just walking. Has to block Minimino off

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North End had the better chances and should have won despite Liverpool reserves' expected dominance on the ball.
North End's 11-man defence was solid with McEvoy suddenly developing the logic to position specialists in their specialist positions. Cunningham played at left back, Van Der Berg at centre back and Joe Rafferty at right back.
Potts, to his credit, made some probing runs, runs I have not seen from DJ for a while.
McCann and Ledson had a good run out, chasing the shadow of Oxlade Chamberlain, one of England's best players of this generation.
It was not a bad evening's work for the fringe players, who have all made a serious claim for consideration by a manager who needs fresh ideas and selections if he is going to prolong his tenure beyond the autumn.
Based on McEvoy's rested players, he intends to keep the same team that embarrassed the club at Blackpool, for the Luton match. This would prove that the manager thinks he is doing things right, as the club slips brakeless towards the relegation zone.
My opinion means nowt but with this 532 formation, North End will be relegated, or very near to it, come May.
Goodbye to the 7,000 people (seated on in the home stands) that came to watch Liverpool. See you never again soon. Back to shopping on Saturdays.

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- Thought we did ok and weathered the storm for first 25mins. We even ended the half looking the better side.
- Lack of goal scorers evident again (if only we had mentioned this for the last 3 years egh) the club might have done something about it.
- Second half we hardly laid a glove on them, even at 2-0 we didn't even give it a go.
- Potts! - I am lost for words we gave him a new contract.
- McCann needs to start every game for me.
- Overall we set out not to be beaten again...but yet again we were beaten.
- Nothing has changed for me, Why the club are delaying the inevitable I don't know, but Frankie has to go!

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Still completely baffled by the team selection. Why play strong sides in previous rounds against weaker opposition and then put that team out when we had a real chance of taking a top flight scalp and progressing to a quarter final?I feel like I was cheated out of the cost of a full price ticket to watch a reserve match.
Because the confidence of the 'first team is so low and fragile that they had to try and at least get a win from somewhere for them against lower league teams.

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I hope PR was doing his job last night and talked to Klopp pointing out how much VDB has grown since his time here and asked who else from tonight's game we could bring in on loan for the second half of the season.


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Don’t really care tbh, 1-0 is the same as 10-0, get the same amount of points.

And I definitely will, there’s always people like Raefil like “some of our fans wanted us to lose today”. Too fucking right.
How many would we need to lose to get rid of ridsdale?


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Might be a bit harsh for the first goal bit, Hughes didn’t cover himself in glory either but Lindsay is just walking. Has to block Minimino off
Greg, who had a good game, had a big role to play in the first goal. Caught sleeping for the initial cross field pass.

It was then, of course, no surprise that it was Lindsay who was beaten to the cross by Minamino.


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Johnson is too inconsistent, Whiteman flatters to deceive and we've seen nowhere near enough of McCann yet.

McCann’s performance was IMO, very very encouraging.

Agree about DJ’s inconsistency- he looked really good in his short appearance last night.

Rafferty was another to really impress me, given that he’s a back-up player with little game time this season.

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A new manager will turn it around, possibly, for a period of time but once the reality of the usual transfer window bites in the new manager, like all the past ones, will fail.

It has to be higher, not JUST the manager.
I think from my post I have agreed with you on this, but my point being is that if we want to avoid slipping into a relegation battle and the real possibility of relegation to league 1,we need to act and change the manager now.
The other decisions and changes can be made a little later once we have turned things around and climbed up the league a little.


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I would be thrilled if Klopp allowed us few loan players.

But realistically, after watching how we play under FM he would probably be put off.
He seemed impressed to me

"Preston had their moments - we were too open. Preston played a really inspired game - it was a nice atmosphere."

Klopp. #pnefc

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During the warm up they must do about ten minutes of shooting practise where they smash it as hard as they can at the reserve keeper and into the faces of the spectators.
Once the game starts, they appear to be shooting with all the power of a spatula.