Match Day - PNE v QPR - 07/03/20 - KO: 15:00 - Championship


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Nah, that’s us done now. Had it in our hands for a good few games now and we’re just letting it slip away.


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Paul McKenna on iFollow, before the second QPR goal:

"Hearing the first signs of disgruntled fans here today now.

"They seem a bit frustrated.

"You find QPR down to 10 men, there seems a lack of urgency that Preston need to get this goal.

"The fans understand the importance of getting this win today, where it would put them going into a vital part of this season.

"And up to now we're not seeing in this second half we're not seeing the desire that QPR have shown".

Paul McKenna on the second goal itself: "Declan Rudd has got to save that for me."


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So far looking as if it's one of those afternoons where AN has worried more about the opposition than us.

We switched to a diamond to match them up in the second half, awful. Then this 3-5-2 hasn't worked just yet.