Match Day - PNE v Reading - 24/01/2021 - KO:12:30 - Championship

Wisemen say

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Draw a fair result, Reading had the better of the 2nd half, we huffed and puffed, struggled to create much in 2nd half.


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While people say the Championship is one of the most exciting leagues in the world, we focus on making our own games the dullest.

Our usual "turn back into a defensive posture when on the attack" approach featured first half.

Second half we slowed the tempo right down from 55 mins, content to get to the 90 at 0-0 as safely as possible.

Subs that removed the striker/brought on Evans only reinforced this outcome.

Frequent spectacle from open play of Joao or Swift on the ball on the edge of our box and us with 10 men behind the ball.

Obvious discrepancy in quality between Whiteman and Molumby on the one hand, and Ledson on the other - if we could recruit an attacking midfielder to better complement those two (or just play Johnson), we might have something.

Iversen excellent again, easy MoM - him and Molumby a reminder that we need players of their calibre in our squad permanently if we're to look like a Championship side - not just for 6 months.

Tugg Speedman

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Reading are a physical, competitive, skillful side.

Clean sheet a positive.

Nowhere near enough from us going forward.

Easily could have lost that 0-1 and that's the danger with Neil's philosophy of going for a point, but try to nick 3.

A dull, drab game all in all, with more turgid style football from us.


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Good display, defence very good, midfield strong Ledson needs to improve his distribution of the ball. But lacklustre up front. Riis needs more service and need to get Sinclair into the game more. Good result against good team.

Minty pne

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Not being funny but that's a missed opportunity, Reading were poor. Could have easily gone for it, but we'd rather sit back and hold on for the point. Never really tested their keeper. Few stand out performances, but feel we could be walking away with 3 points instead of the 1.

By Tor

First Team
Lucky draw. Positives: Iverson & Whiteman , Clean Sheet again
Negatives : Ledson very clumsy & no threat up front. But still 10th

Lee Trundle

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What error? Ledson gave the ball away with a stupid pass

I didnt like his positioning against Ejaria, ran off the back of him far too easily. Think he's got to tuck in a lot more. Sort of thing that will come if he is going to keep playing right back

Great effort getting back as Ejaria dawdled. Generally matched up very well with him today.

I'm resigned to the fact that Fisher wont be with us next season, if so Browne's performance today was promising, even if there are things he needs serious work on. Either him or Molumby for my MOTM


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What a chronic lack of ambition there.

Reading weren't even that bothered about winning (see Paunovic fist pumping at final whistle) but they thought they'd have a go last 20 minutes and would've won if Joao had scored the penalty.

Really disappointing choice of subs in second half aswell, Potts simply dosen't work in home games and he played 90 minutes!


Safe Hands Cha
I might be going against the grain here but I really enjoyed that game.

2 decent teams that ultimately cancelled each other out.

PNE are no longer a push over and other than the penalty, which was the right decision, we never looked in any real trouble.
Toothless upfront though, what did we hope to achieve by bringing Barky on for Riis and playing air ball?

Naughton's moustache

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Bright opening and then solid but blunt up top. Think that's a fair assessment.
Some of the balls into the box when out wide were fuckin awful, that's when we did make space for a cross, which wasn't that often. Surprised Gally wasn't introduced to try an conjure something up. The game needed it.
Not a pen for me, they were both at it, too much doubt, don't give it