Match Day - PNE v Sheffield Wednesday - 21/11/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship


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I like them both but not sure we need Potts and/or Barkhuizen now against a Pulis team with 10 men sat behind the ball.

Maguire and Gally need to come on soon. And Earl.


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I saw that they had a man sent off while out with the dog. Was hopeful of racking up a few goals to boost our confidence. Get back for half time and it’s 0-0. Marvellous.


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Gally for Potts, who for me, seems half asleep today and is struggling, Early for Rafu in 15 if we we're not creating still. If all else fails, can always bring Ripley on for that goalscoring instinct he showed vs Burnley 😁


anyone who will play more than one up front especially at home and even more so against 10 fuckin men
It's not about having more than one "up front." It's the slow, ponderous tempo that is our issue at home. Plenty of teams are successful with one main striker but I don't think any of them move the ball anywhere near as slowly as we do at home.


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Take Potts off,push DJ higher up and probably bring Gally on. Tempo needs to be quicker. We really have no excuse not to win this one.

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Rafferty is not a Championship footballer
He is not an attacking full back. He is there to defend and does that well. He cannot run down the flank and get a cross in consistently. Not bad on a set piece every so often. Never fault his effort but he shouldn't be first choice. Why isn't Earl playing?