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Match Day - PNE v Swansea City - 28/09/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship



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And even when it was non-contact, he still managed to give Swansea a free kick!

There was an incident in the 2nd half, right in front of the tunnel, Bidwell anticipated a shoulder charge with Ledson. However, Ledson saw what he was going to do and so put the brakes on. Bidwell threw himself to the floor anyway and the ref duly obliged and gave the free kick!

There was another infront of the IPS with Laird got a slight push in the chest as I think Earl took the ball of him.

Laird threw himself backwards on the floor holding his face. The referee waited and then gave them a free kick.

Another was when a Swansea player fell over, not fouled, caught the ball as he led on the floor but instead of giving hand ball gave them a free kick.

He must have come from the Trevor Kettle school of refereeing.

Thankfully we still won.

What is the point in having new guidance in the Premier League to let games flow whilst we still have to put up with this egotistical numpties.


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I can’t believe their keeper had the audacity to complain about it. I mean what the fuck was he complaining about. He got that hyped up about it that he fucked up for the goal.

Don’t know where they bought him from but he’s one of the worst visiting keepers I’ve seen come to Deepdale.
Still not as bad as Ripley.


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It's nailed on that T Bramall will be in the Premier League before we will.

I actually think the game was too fast for him at times hence the free kicks - straight out of the Jon Moss school of refereeing.