Match Day - PNE v The Plastics - 24/11/2020 - KO:19:45 - Championship

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How many times is AN going to be allowed to start home games with just ONE striker. It’s not acceptable, never has been and never will be. It’s the same old, week in week out at home.....just different opponents.

is this reverse psychology from AN? Hemmings won’t buy new players when in contention of promotion, so will he sign some players when we’re in a relegation battle? Even if TH allows players to be brought in, in January, AN probably won’t be here to benefit from it.
Nothing to do with how many strikers are on the pitch. If you don't give them service nothing will change. You have to play with purpose and not just punt balls up and hope. A bit of composure on the ball and attacking full backs, bit of pressing and effort. Most teams in this league pay with one striker up top and still bang in plenty of goals.

Reverse psychology - hmm? Look at how shite your team is give me more money to sign players who I can just leave warming the bench for six months as they learn my mind numbing ways and REPEAT :)


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Unbelievable naivity by Rafferty for the penalty.

We were clinging on as we'd been dominated by a very organised and on-the-front-foot Rovers side with Holtby controlling the game and relied on counter attacking them (DJ chance just before the goal) but we've been second best tonight.

Such a disappointing display. Tactically Alex Neil has been pasted tonight and that's before the goal/red card. Nyambe pinned Sinclair and Gallagher targeted the weak Rafferty who looked nervous everytime he saw the ball.

Riis absolutely isolated and no-one within 10 yards of him so he's basically a sitting duck.

Second goal I need to watch back but can't give Rothwell that much room, something clearly broke down in the midfield to start with.

Look at how quick they close down as soon as we have the ball. Swarmed us.

This is absolutely minging


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This is what a £15m front 3 looks like.

Neil has to accept some responsibility for the performances and lack of effort but our recruitment is abysmal


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I really like AN I love the fact that he works silly hours and lives football.. The 1st 12-18 months of his tenure were probably my most enjoyable since Billy Davies. (I'm 45 by the way).. The way he gave the youngsters a chance (Earl, Davies etc), the way we pressed, the way he trusted in his way of playing. I Remember Fulham away, battered them for 70 mins yet drew 2-2 but loved the way we played (cheers Maxwell!) and the same at Wolves the following week coming from 3 nil down to narrowly lose 3-2.

Unfortunately the last 6-12 months have been awful. He now seems to over think and worry about the way other teams set up rather than playing to our strengths, the lack of giving the younger lads or creative players a chance yet still relying on the same senior players who just don't cut it week in week out. Really struggling to think of 5 games in recent times when we haven't just played to our strengths and have a go. What has happened to our high press and taking the game to teams 🤷‍♂️

As previously said I really like the Fella but if he doesn't start concentrating on our strengths rather than the other teams so called weaknesses I can't see him lasting much longer

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So Blackburn happy to keep the ball and we are sat back and letting them. No pressure, no urgency, not one player attempting to get close shut them down or win the ball. What score is it... 🙄🤔😠


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Has Neil lost the players? Not one of them looks arsed or has looked arsed all night?

Surely as footballers they must be frustrated and see through his inability to set up to win a game and take it to teams like Blackburn?

“Listen lads, we will sit deep, give them the ball and loads of time on it, hope they don’t create anything, get lucky and win it back, give it dec and he’ll hit a long ball up to Emil, fingers crossed he can get onto the aimless ball and hold it up long enough for us to support him from our own half!!”

Clueless Neil, P45 pending! Get out!!


We look divisions apart from Rovers which is very concerning.

We were poor prior to the red card and it was a matter of time before we conceded, this just gives AN an excuse.


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We're doing a Fisher - holding them :) Imagine the atmosphere if spectators had been allowed in. TH needs the Riddler to advise him to get rid NOW of AT.

Can see why TH doesn't let AT near his wallet.

Will Gally be temporary boss for next game?