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Match Day - PNE v Watford - 16/02/2021 - KO:19:00- Championship


Advisor to the Owner
We need to try playing it to feet rather than head all the time, they get all the second balls


I am struggling to think what Barkhuisen is bringing to this team . His tackling is woeful / untidy in the area ... and his final ball and shots on goal close on park football. Sad to see him so devoid of confidence- but he should be selected on this evidence
Which is good, because it was a clear penalty.

No idea what Browne Is doing there. Heads it back into play, then gets drawn out so easily. Barkhuizen then easily trumps him in the shit defending awards
Browne has been awful. Out of position on numerous occasions. The decision to sell fisher for peanuts becomes more and more ridiculous as each game passes


Advisor to the Owner
This is going to be a case of trying to stay in the game for as long as possible and then hope to pile on some pressure towards the end I think. Watford look a class above in all areas.


Crazy Bird Man
Championship 20-21 Game 30
PNEFC 0-1 Watford

I just seen it again, I am not convinced it was a pen. The Player lifts his own legs.

We need to start doing the same, because thats 2 in 2 where the referee's have got it wrong