Match Day - QPR v PNE - 21/10/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

Ron Burgundy

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So many times recently I've commented that I could have kept goal for the opposition. Refreshing for it to be the other way round tonight. They don't come much easier than that.

On that evidence we have dodged a bullet with Bonne compared to Riis although slightly harsh judged on one game. Riis looks to have real potential and the thing I like the most about him is he seems to have a real football brain for a young lad. Great awareness. Still missed a sitter but he does look a player.

How do we convert that to home form though? We have players very geared to counter attack away football. Sinclair barely touches the ball but his contribution to big moments is lethal. Big challenge for the gaffer to get it working at Deepdale.

Final comment, I am no fan of Hughes but he was probably the man of the match tonight (George Banks announces it on 85 mins so we can overlook the slip up on 86).

Fisher and Johnson are massive to our attacking threat at home, without them we are very static and one dimensional.

Cardiff however would make a game with Liverpool look boring.


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Good win, good performance & thought Riis looked very promising. Gives us a different dimension up top. Just hope he can keep it up.


The Big Boss
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One of the few times when all of their comments are fair to be honest.


It was far from a "shithousing" performance. Aside from a chance early doors (good save by Rudd) and then Hughes falling asleep near the end we where in control of the game.

We played a a decent tempo and both penalties where clear and we should have had a 3rd.

Aside from DJ going down with cramp the physio didn't come on once.

We slowed the game down a little in the last 10 minutes but thats what anyone would do.

QPR fans are deflecting from the fact we played well and they where shite.

Christ their manager thought they lost 1 nil.

Mr Meeseeks

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Early days yet but what a (starting) debut performance from Riis. An absolute nightmare for defenders with his physical presence, speed and general nuisance style of play. On another day he wins two penalties instead of the one and converts the ball in over the top from Browne.

Big shout to Hughes who despite his late slip against Adomah played brilliantly and looks to be returning to his former self. Also Jordan Storey, not had a sniff of first team football of late, comes into the side and it's like he's been playing week in week out alongside BFG.

Get this home form situation sorted and we could well be onto something.