Match Day - Sheffield United - 14/09/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship


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Would hate to be manager of this club.

One minute numpties are whinging that the manager doesn’t make subs and then when he does numpties are moaning.

No I didn’t agree with the subs he made but it’s 2-2 now so pipe the fuck down.
Hang about lad, are we not allowed to comment on stupid decisions? Everyone acknowledges the subs were wrong, so maybe before having a whinge at others, you give it a think eh, lad

Preston Lad

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That’s a fucking great point after going down so late on.

Well deserved and if Riis had taken his earlier chances we’d be coming away with all 3 Points.

This team is like chalk and cheese compared to when that negative fuck was in charge.

Great composure by Riis at the end, buzzing for him, Frankie and the fans there.

Get in⚽️💙⚽️💙⚽️