Match Day - Sheffield United - 14/09/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship


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Dropping deep receiving the ball to his feet with his back to goal Maguire can do good things I have never said anything to the contrary but further forward when he needs to run at the opposition goal he just cannot find the pace to get clear of defenders. That happened repeatedly tonight. Yes he made a nuisance of himself but with 20 minutes to go we needed some extra pace upfront and that was when Murphy should have been brought on in Maguire's place. As I've said before Maguire in the formation we played tonight Maguire is effectively a sixth midfielder rather than a second forward. He has his uses but they no longer include scoring goals.
But if you bring Murphy on for Maguire, who would have done this? That's why he brought Potts on, in the hope that he'd be able to do the job. I'll be surprised if we see Murphy and Riis as the front two on many occasions, if at all. Riis is not good at holding the ball up and whilst I haven't seen Murphy play up front, I doubt it's his speciality either.


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It's a fucking live, real-time matchday thread!

If you want more measured and reasoned debate, the forum is full of threads like that. People spend all day writing them, while there's no match on.

Have a peruse through those threads if it's too racy and immediate for you on here, then pop back when the roughneck match and all those naughty opinionated posts have subsided, and - knowing the result - you can even tell everyone how ill-thought-out and reactionary they were.

Why don't you feck just feck off!!
You are just a total negative prat, who may be a luke-warm 'fan' but no supporter!!!


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Riis' pace would have got him in on goal. Whatever it was a particularly cynical foul.
Under the present rules, it is a yellow all day long, I do wonder if it should be tightened up for fouls like that where the foul is committed to deliberately prevent an attacking move that may yield a goal-scoring opportunity. Riis seems to get at least one per game. It would require a change in tack though from all referees. That said, if the boot was on the other foot, I would want our defender to make the foul and take the yellow...

Roger Mellie

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Well deserved point. DJ was a class act tonight. He is so cool in possession, rarely gives the ball away, always finds a teammate and has improved a hell of a lot in his defensive duties.
I thought Earl had a good 70 mins before he faded. Likewise Maguire, the only thing missing was a goal. Still prefer him to Ched as we tend to just lump it to him.
Substitutions nearly cost us the point. Didn't understand the Potts substitution and the only good thing about it was it showed the management team he shouldn't be used up front again.
I personally would have took Whiteman off for McCann with 20mins left as he looked like he was flagging.
Apart from that whinge, the style of football for the last 4 games has been better than anything we have seen for 2 years.
Final note, loved the footage of the little lad in a black tracky on the pitch celebrating with the players. He's going to be famous at school tomorrow.


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Not reading back now... but there should be an award for the poster who first called for Riis to be dragged off. I think it was in the first half!

To be fair, I'm only kidding really.

I actually like that people feel they can voice an opinion ... and it would be a dull forum if people held back because they felt they'd be attacked if they wrote down something they think. OK... at the time, some of the negativity (IMO) makes my blood pressure rise a bit, but it's (almost always) good really.
I do have limits though.