Match Day - Sheffield United - 14/09/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship


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Some good points….however I would say that when Potts came on we went with one up front and the team shape completely changed. It was almost like an Alex Neil moment….Frankie was trying to shore things up and take the point, I suppose it worked in the end!
He can only learn from today, he got a get out of jail card. So long as he learns from it.


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Knives are out as usual for a scape goat.

He’s our player and the manager decided to bring him on and change the system, he didn’t do anything wrong when he came on.

I’m ok with Potts, he gives us something different and he has an eye for goal.
The impact was a bit mixed. To my mind we were under the cosh before he came on and having difficulty doing much with the ball and changing things improved that - we started getting in their half again. However, we conceded one and should have conceded another just before when Fleck was given the red carpet treatment into our area. I'll have to look at the video of the goals again but in both cases my first reaction was that the defending was collectively loose at best but unsure if any individuals were to blame.

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Preston mobbed Emil Riis Jakobsen after his last-gasp leveller


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Riiiiiiiiis, takes the piss 😁
I agree. It’s about passion as the game is being played. Bloody hell I would be arrested (or sectioned) if folk heard what I shout at the telly during the match. My husband thinks I’m barmy I'm way more vocal than him and if I wrote on this thread what I shouted I would be banned from the forum. I just can’t help how I feel during the match (much more so in my own home) I have to tone it down in public though!🤗
Sounds a bit like me and the other half, I’m the big gob 🤣

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How Potts makes the 25 man squad let alone get on the pitch is beyond me. He is soft as shit, can’t pass, can’t shoot and can’t defend. Why not give RG or Murphy a chance instead of that donkey.
And yet he passed up a career in Rugby allegedly, I find it hard to believe tbh as tiny midfielders knock him off the ball in this more gentile game.

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Great team performance to get a point. Sepp was sensational and I can’t see how anyone can displace him at right wing back. The effort all the players put in was telling and bringing on Potts for the hard working Maguire looked the right thing to do but seemed to weaken us. The match ebbed and flowed and a draw was a fair result imo. Lots to be positive about and we did look like a well drilled team. Really enjoyable match.


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Neither team deserved to lose, both teams could have scored a couple more. Frankie has got the boys playing positive classy football and I would say with the quality of players he has they are playing to the best of their abilities.

Tons of ground covered by all the players with DJ and Maguire absolutely shot when they were subbed.

Really looking forward to PNE games now.


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On the positive side, Liverpool will be seriously looking at North End as a good club to loan out their talented youngsters for development.

Sepp might like Preston and decide he is a true Nobber and he wants to be with us for the next 4 years. (y)
Well, he seems like playing for us, so it’s not impossible, but sadly I doubt it.


Feel a bit sorry for Maguire, works his socks off, links up play really well, but when he’s got a goal scoring opportunity his confidence seems to drain from him, if he got one goal I think a good few more would follow, same with Riss, think he needs to be a bit cuter with his attempts instead of trying to hit it like an Exocet missile every time, the chance last night when DJ put him through should of just been dinked over the goalie.