Match Day Thread - Ukraine v England - 03/07/2021 - KO:20:00 - Euro 2020 - Quarter Final


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Ukraine v England
Saturday 3rd July 2021 , Kick Off 8PM
Stadio Olimpico




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We have improved game on game, I think we will continue our clean sheet run here. I also think this will be a game where we build up more confidence and momentum. Can see us eventually wearing them down and score 2/3.

Sounds arrogant I know, but after that display against Germany - we should have too much for them. The only way this goes Pete Tong is if we start slow and allow them to get into the game from the start.


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Czech 1 Denmark 2
England 2 Ukraine 1

Italy 2 Spain 0
England 1 Denmark 0

Italy 1 England 1 ( Not sure who will win but it could go to Pens )

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Just ordered a lamb rogan josh to be delivered, a few cans of draught Guinness in the fridge. Just bought a new TV yesterday, can't believe the improvement on our last one. Crystal clear picture with amazing colours. Grand stuff.