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Matchday Thread Middlesbrough v PNE - 28/11/28 - KO:7:45PM - Championship

I have waited until now to decide that actually, Lowe will have to be gone soon. How can a team always look like they have an extra player on the pitch? Lots of space and always a player available to receive the ball? By contrast our clueless, slow, ponderous hopeful punts down the pitch inevitably losing possession and therefore coming under pressure time after time, inevitably losing a goal.

I'm sorry but I now have to conclude it's time for him to go, and I really hate saying this as I am not one to react in this way usually.
'Spaffed' means 'lumped' in this case.

Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - Play ball wide - lump it forward - ad nauseam
You missed out play ball back lump it even further forward.....
Tonight was just a literal waste of time. We might as well as forfeit that game and saved everyone’s energy.

That’s unforgivable.

Lost by 3 18 times.
By 4, 10 times.
24 conceded in 10.
No clean sheets in 18.

I get we’ve had some good games, but they are too few.

I think he needs to be on a countdown to improve, now.
Lowe needs some proper questions throwing his way after this. I just don’t understand what he is trying to do at all? He loses so many games before a ball is even kicked and thats my biggest problem with him.
He will go, thats inevitable, whether tmrw, in the summer or perhaps in a year or so. Whatever happens we will always play a terrible style of football whilst achieving the square root of fuck all. If we want to get the premier league then we need better, much better!
Never mind we are playing a shit side Friday they’ve only had 19 shots tonight , have we had that many all season. 🤬

Shots on target this season:

Bristol drew 1-1 - 3 shots
Sunderland won 2-1 - 2 shots
Sheff Weds won 1-0 - 2 shots
Stoke won 2-0 - 3 shots
Plymouth won 2-1 - 5 shots
Brum won 2-1 - 3 shots
Rotherham drew 1-1 - 6 shots
WBA lost 4-0 - 1 shot
Leicester lost 3-0 - 1 shot
Ipswich lost 4-2 - 2 shots
Millwall drew 1-1 - 2 shots
S'hampton drew 2-2 - 5 shots
Hull lost 1-0 - 1 shot
Coventry won 3-2 - 7 shots 🥰
Plastics won 2-1 - 4 shots
Cardiff lost 2-1 - 2 shots
And the latest addition: Boro lost 4-0 - 1 shot

Shocking 🤣
Our worst display in many a year. Lowe will come in for criticism as that is the obvious target but the players must shoulder some blame. It was gutless. We seem to suffer from imposter syndrome, beaten before we kick a ball.

No leaders, which is the obvious criticism levelled for a few years now. But fuck me, Whiteman strolling through the game whilst meant to be captain. Backwards, easy options all the time, absolutely no responsibility and he sets the tone. He’s not good enough and I won’t be sad when he leaves.
Sacking Lowe won’t change our fortunes but its a step in the right direction so why wait? He’s not a bad manager but he belongs in the lower leagues, just like his playing career.

Tonight is a blessing in disguise, we’re not doing anything this season and we can start making the big changes early and hope we can give it a real go next year.
Are you being serious?
Sacking an arrogant, stupid and tactically inept manager will certainly change our fortunes.
And yes, he’s a bad manager. Why? Because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.
I’ve no problem at all with a manager risking things to win matches. But for fuck sake, learn and take responsibility. You get that from good managers. You won’t get that from Lowe. It’s clear he was carried at Plymouth by a manager who who’s head and shoulders above him tactically and professionally.
Post-match interview? Players tired after international duty. Too many games in a week. Squad rotation. First goal killed us, poor ref decisions cost us, blah blah
Lowe seems to be persevering with his " On His Own-some " style and not evolving it or trying to progress it.

Good managers get better, albeit with plenty of hiccups on the way, but over time, - get better.

It's not working. It's not evolving.
Change it.
Does anyone check your age if you get a young adult one - never noticed anyone checking when you scan??
When you enter the ground through the turnstiles the Season card that you scan lights up with a different colour to depict the age group.
Previously when we had full season Tickets (for 4 of us) the very youngest (under 10) had to go through a seperate turn-style.
Recently, we had a Senior (me) an Adult (Son) a Junior and then young adult (granddaughter) and an under 10.
All show a different spectrum when accessing the ground - it sometimes depends on the Match and how many Stewards are around as to how its enforced, i suppose - we never took the risk.
I said before the game if we concede 1 we will concede 3 or 4... Sucks to be right.

That was fucking awful. Nothing else need be said
Amateurish absolutely crap. I am so sick of the defensive line up waiting to concede. How many times does it take for the manager to learn it does not work. I don’t like singling out players so it’s good that I don’t need to do because they were all shite (bar Osmajic who at least looked interested).