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Matchday Thread Millwall v PNE - 15/04/23 - KO:15:00 - Championship

Exactly mate. I'm enjoying the journey. We created more and had Parrot bagged early could have been a different story
More chance of me bagging than Troy.
I think we’d have more chance if we played John Parrott.
Ok, have great weekends everyone. If anyone's interested, it was 29C here yesterday (a record), 22C today; Tuesday coming, it's snow showers ffs.

It was barmy here today at Weston SM. Merthyr came for a day out abroad and managed to make the locals look and sound posh. Pot belly city in the away end.
It’ll be a disgrace if this Plastics side gets into the playoffs. I’ve never seen them play well once this season
From early on today it was fairly obvious it was going to be one of our non scoring days. Cannon looked a bit jaded today, Parrott is poor. The loss of Ched has been a hammer blow. And Delap, how did a team bid £15m for him?

But, we are still very much in it and just have to go for it in the last few games. Swansea are enjoying the McAvoy dead rubber phase at the moment so we need to go and get right at them.

I never imagined we would be in this position 2 months ago so I'm just going to enjoy it. Even though I'm in Holland on the play off final date (quietly confident still that it won't be an issue, even though I hope it will be).
Great result for us tonight. Blackburn Vs Coventry on Wednesday. Swansea is must win.
We should be turning Rovers over next week with how they just played, toothless. Swansea seem to be a bit like us, in good form but only really beat lower mid table/relegation fighting teams so it’ll be an interesting game.
I couldn't go today, my mates went and said Millwall were nothing special at all but they just put two chances away and we didn't.

Good result for us that Rovers draw. We're still very much in the mix but we need to get back to winning ways on Wednesday then hope we can beat Rovers next week.
To be fair two wins this week and we should be in play offs. Need to win though.

Swansea are nothing special. We need to be at them from the off though. Press them all over. They don’t like it when teams get at them.
If Lowe needs to fire the players up I suggest he shows them the arrogant cockney tossers on Lions tv. What a bunch of arseholes.
Ah well. Good day out.

Been really critical of the manager but don’t think he got too much wrong today. Ultimately, when we’re bringing on the likes of Ryan Ledson and Ben Woodburn, we’re never going to be serious challengers.

Bambo good when he came on. Onto Wednesday.
From what I remember…Cannon should have scored, Parrott should have scored, DJ should have scored, Delap should have scored, Onomah could have scored and Hughes could have scored.
Lesson of the day must be that you have to be clinical.

Yes, we made the chances alright but didn't finish 'em.