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I don't follow the NBA as closely as I used to but I'll check the results every now and then and watch the odd game, any chance of this season ending with anything other than yet another Warriors vs Cav's NBA final?
Lakers fan checking in. Could scrape the palyoffs this year, got a great young team after this years draft.
Boston could make a run and Cavs could struggle without Kyrie, especially when IT (his replacement) is out long term.

Hate the Lakers. Always have. Especially hate Lavar Ball so hope you all crash and offence.

I'm a Heat fan, stunning last half of last season which if we can repeat would put us near the top of the East. I see regression though but solidly playoff material.

OKC may be interesting to watch but I feel too many ball dominant personalities and the 76ers/T-Wolvers have the most exciting young teams in the league!
Problem I have with the NBA is that the 82 game season has ran its course. It's pointless and makes games totally meaningless. They should go to a 31 game season (division x4, rest of conference home and away, rest of league either home or away).. this would make absolutely every game crucial and would make a much more exciting league from November to March.
Understandable...but baseball has 162 and I find that much worse. The NBA is working on rules to prevent tanking and they are discussing just giving the top 16 records the playoffs I believe, rather than 8 from each conference which will address your problem to an extent.
Well we gave it a good run but we were never a match for AD and LeBron. Unbelievable couple of months in the bubble though for the Heat and promising for next season.