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Neil Quitchley🐍 (v2) to be sacked...

Yes, they can afford to keep their prices relatively high. On the back of a good season and having a massive waiting list to join the Critchley and Sadler revolution.

With 15,000 fans queuing up to watch them in League 1 (because the boycott had nothing to do with relegation...) I guess they can afford to charge more.

Supply and demand.
All the draggers important pre-season business has been dealt with now they are confident that all 2000 of their supporters have their tickets, the playing staff is all signed up and Critchley has a coaching team so it's time to concentrate on the important business.

This is an OUTRAGE and a clear attempt to undermine the Arndale which also does room bookings. This is a clear example of Sadler trying to destroy the Arndale as the focal point of the club.

I fully expect Raggy and the top brass to have a word.
Best supporters in Europe = Any excuse, glory hunters, we'll be there if we're doing well shysters.


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Let's take a reality check posters. We are in the middle of a cost of living crisis, with food and fuel bills going through the roof. Blackpool is also a poor area where even steady, regular jobs don't attract a massive wage. Start with that background and add an awful season, culminating in relegation and perhaps it's not surprising that season ticket renewals are not bursting any records. Had we remained in the Championship I would still have expected a bit of a fall in tickets. The only way of addressing this is to play good football and be competitive at the top of the table. Do that and attendances will rise.