New Away Kit (Confirmed)

Paul Szacsky

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Given that we're the poor bastards who they want to buy this rubbish, wouldn't it make sense to show us the options and poll it?
Such a simple solution is'nt it JC.
Put 5 or 6 options up and let the fans pick the format, its win win for the club because they'll sell more with the fans, this little dainty kit would have scored very low methinks, when I first saw it I thought WTAF and I'm not one who's usually arsed about kits, Trev will love it though and that's all that matters


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I don't understand all this "I'm too old to wear the shirt". I'm retirement age next month and I've just bought the home shirt, I feel comfortable wearing football shirts. So surely it's your own preference not to wear them, not that you're too old. Ref the away shirt, the green and yellow aren't my colours. I would have preferred Blue and yellow ref the Coloroll shirt.

NG White

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I always prefer a yellow away kit, why not go with yellow with bits of green instead of the other way round.

Be surprised if we sell many of them. But at the end of the day I couldn't give a shit if we win plenty of away games in it.

fred frekleton

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Would have to be the worst colour GREEN its enough to give you diarrhoea shocking who the hell would want to buy that !! navy blue shirts with white trim thats our colours for away only if its a colour clash we should stick to our home kit home and away .I have never liked green ever


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Here's the tracky top



great choice...

not only because our win ratio in G & Y is far higher than any other away colour.....

but also because it gives those who like to moan about everything something new to moan about and save us reading the thread.

Point well made . We play well in green. I like it - it’s bold and straightforward - the sleeves on the home kit are over designed .

I never liked black/grey or yellow away shirts - particularly when playing away under floodlights—-


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Would this actually be Hemmings wanting the away kit to be in his racing colours? I can't see him being that bothered. To me it smacks of The Riddler kissing the arse of his boss.

A staff member in the Club Shop once told me Hemmings was instrumental in getting a green away shirt. Make of that what you will.

It's also hideous BTW.


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Given they scrapped the red kit because two folk wrote a strongly worded letter, you would hope the reaction to this will lead to a change of heart.

That is the worst away shirt in living memory and we had some odd ones in the 90's but at least they where club colours.

Might as well just go all in and have yellow and green quarters.

That's next years kit.


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All you need to support PNE is a white t shirt you can buy on the market for a few quid. White is our heritage. Look at pictures of Finney playing- plain white, no frills.