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New fan intro

No. That's my oldest, next to his girlfriend at her graduation in May. That was on the Quad before the ceremony.

I didn't realize they were in the photo I uploaded.
I had never heard of Denny Chimes , so i have just read up about it ( named after George Denny ) (y)
Sad Season 1 GIF by Friends
58 in person Ando.
In the womb they subjected me to bloody Margie on the phonograph. 😂
Yeah, mine is 56 in person, although when i was 6/7 years old i used to live in Lincoln Street ( off Peel Hall St, off Deepdale Rd ) and i would set of from our house about 4-15pm and get to the ground for about 4-25pm and i would sneak in for the last 15/20 minutes when the gates opened !!!!
A beautiful woman is standing on a bridge, looking over the side and thinking about jumping off.

A homeless man walks up to her.

She sees the man coming and says, "Go away! There's nothing you can say to change my mind!"

He says, "Well, if you're going to kill yourself anyway, why don't we have sex? At least I'll enjoy it."

"Absolutely not! You're disgusting!", she replies.

The man turns and starts walking away.

"Is that all you're going to say? You're not going to try to convince me that life is worth living? Where are you going?"

"I have to make it down to the bottom. If I hurry, you'll still be warm!"