New Patron Payment and Gifting Service


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Following on from my battle with Pay Pal which I have since resolved we have today purchased and installed new software to make it easier and more user friendly experience in becoming a patron.

Users are now encouraged upon sign up to support the forum with the various donation amounts and perks in doing so being listed.


We also now have the option to GIFT Patronship to any user which you can do on any users profile page or also on all desktops and landscape (on mobile devices) by clicking the image below on the thread pages.


If the user is already a patron you have the option to upgrade them to the next donation level.

This can be done anonymously if you wish.

Thank you once again to everyone who is already a patron and helps us to continue to develop the forum and helps us pay the bills.

If you would like to support the forum you can do so below.


Many Thanks
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It's still a glitch between the old system and the new one.

Thanks for the support.

If anyone else spots the same thing just give me a shout.
I’ve paid for the next ten years in advance, hope it’s honoured and not a ‘glitch’