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New poll needed, RL sacked or not?

Should RL be sacked?

  • Yes

    Votes: 558 79.1%
  • No

    Votes: 147 20.9%

  • Total voters
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Tactically inept, has not improved any players, we have some good players, but he is not getting the best out of them, and tbh, he has not for the majority of his time here.
With the money Craig looks like he’s willing to spend it’s going to be money wasted under Lowe. On one hand I don’t think Ridsdale would get rid but Craig must be getting pissed off with the money he’s put in this summer and the football is even worse.
It's his team now, as we're often being told - so by extension he's responsible for all of the below.

Woodman - as weak as an asthmatic cough.

Whiteman looks a shadow of himself.

Best - as much as I don't want to include him here - sadly, can't defend.

Mads, Keane, Evans, Potts, Woodburn - all anonymous.

Ledson - worse than anonymous.

Whatmough brought on in midfield when 3-0 down.

Browne and Holmes left on the bench.

Friday could become properly toxic if we go 2 or 3 down, and it'll be on live TV.
My view has always been based on the lack of exciting football, or even football with intent. Last season was the most boring season in the 45 or so years I can recall with clarity, I stopped going to home games for any excuse and didn’t miss it. It might not have been so bad if he hadn’t prattled on about brands, attacking football, maybe admitted the odd failing or maybe shown a little humility. He should have gone in January for me.

This season I’ve said several times that there have been promising signs on a few occasions - but not enough for me. As I said at the start, entertaining and dynamic football is what I want and I honestly don’t see it happening to any great degree. We actually have the players to do it but look at tonight for an example. We have Frokjaer and Keane who looked like they’d be supporting the centre forward but instead they supported the defensive midfielders.

I’ve said there have been shoots this season and praised (maybe begrudgingly) at times but I honestly and truly think we could be better without him. I’m honest enough to say when things have gone well but (in general) I don’t see his defenders (for want of a better word) admitting or seeing his failings.

The debate doesn’t need to be as polarised as it is.
Aye I think people go a bit OTT with their view on him. It's either that he's completely shit or brilliant. For me the truth is somewhere in the middle. Last season I wanted him out for many of the reasons you stated above. I didn't feel like we were going anywhere.

This season I personally believe the football has been marginally better. We've managed to get some decent results and have found ourselves in a good position. Plus under Lowe, our owners have started investing in the squad.

The big issue for me is that he still needs to improve over some key issues. He's calmed down with his press conferences but we still need to stop shipping so many goals. We're still in a good position in the league and if we see similar investment in January as we saw in the summer (please fix the defence), there's still a chance we can end the season in a good position.

Tonight has been a shambles and people will use it as a stick to beat Lowe with but for me this is very much on Robbie Brady. I didn't like our starting lineup but I'm not sure what our options were considering the players we had fit. I think it says a lot that Browne and Holmes weren't brought on tonight. We could've thrown them on but we saw what happened with Millar over the weekend when we threw him on when he was still not fully fit. Save Browne and Holmes for Friday and get a win against QPR.

With the level of investment we've put in Lowe so far, I think it would be rash to sack him and bring in a new manager and have to do another complete rebuild under them. Especially since we aren't that far from the playoffs, and aren't that far from January with a chance to improve the squad. I don't know who we could bring in that would improve things and I don't know whether our owners would be as willing to part with as much money during a transfer window as they have been under Lowe. It's a risk and I'm not sure it's worth it currently.
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I’ll give him until Boxing Day but wouldn’t be arsed if they sacked him before then.

Too many big defeats like this

Too many disappointing turnarounds like Saturday

Players being used who should be nowhere near the team.
Replacement suggestions if he goes? I have no idea what in work manager I’d go for. I’d want us to maybe try a foreign coach with a proper brand of football…
Changed my vote. We're heading in one direction only and that way is down the table. Don't know how we've been in this false position in the top 6 so long. To his credit we had a decent start but even then I was coming away from games questioning how the hell we won the game. Things need to change and quick
Unless you unilaterally, again, close down a thread under your own volition and fucking moan when you get your unilateral bias called out and corrected.
Other posters requested the shut down, get your facts right.

I was the only Mod Online at the time.

Slated when we ignore requests, slated when we act upon requests, slated when we act immediately. Think you can do a better job? Giving up your own time? Cheers Cali, cheers.

I won't defend tonight. Why would I? Get back to your crust stained Alex Neil duvet set cha, there's a good lad. He lost btw to QPR.
11th time we've conceded 4 goals under Lowey. 2 wins in 10 where only Rotherham, QPR and Sheffield Wednesday have worse form.

A big 4 games coming up against 4 sides in the bottom half. He can't get his team selection and substitutions as badly wrong as he did today.
I voted to get rid early on

Never changed it despite our promising start

Still think it’s fantasy to think the club would get rid unless we’re in the bottom 6-8 places

Going on our current form that won’t be too long off
Leave Jack ( and Phil) alone... When we finish at best 13th they will both hold up their hands... Honest. :D
Don't act the dick with me Libs. I predicted 10th pre-season.

I'm not shy to hold my hands up. It was poor tonight, manager AND the players.

Woodman, Whiteman, Potts were all absolute rank. That's just for starters. Lowe was poor, too.
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