New restaurants in Preston

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Tino;n3403857 said:
Nice one mate, you've done a good thing, seems doing good stuff just gets questioned nowadays. Not sure spicy hot wings would have been a good choice though, stay safe with a 2 piece meal next time!
I figured that they'd taste better being spicy hot and I was, by now, running late, too.

He said "Thankyou, enjoy your meal" when I passed it to him to which I replied "No worries, keep safe". Amazes me how they retain their politeness despite their extreme conditions.

Anyway, back on topic.

That place that serves Butter Pies sounds like a place I might visit.


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Not exactly a restaurant but GreeKouzina has opened on Marsh Lane just down from where the 'Cock Pit' pub used to be.

Looks like Preston finally has a place doing well priced proper Greek food Inc Gyros, Kebabs and Greek Salads. Reports so far are excellent.

Take a look at GreeKouzina UK (@GKouzina):


Quite a few cuisines covered in Preston now in terms of small independent places.

Greek now,
Egyptian at Lolas,
Portuguese at Novus on New Hall lane
Middle Eastern at Jaffa,
Cocos - Caribbean/ Soul Food/ Mexican
Caribbean Spice on Manchester Rd
Korean at Kim Chi,
Turkish, Tottohs

Couple of good Thai places down Friargate and meant to be a good Japanese place in Leyland too.


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Today The Larder cafe opens on Lancaster Road. It is the first worker co-op created in Preston as a direct result of our Preston Model policies. It only serves local, ethically sourced, fresh food. When you buy coffee here, you are not helping a global, tax-dodging corporation exploit minimum wage staff while trashing the planet. There’s only one question...


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Ive had two meals out recently. One at the Red Cat pub in Whittle le woods, the lamb shank I had was fantastic. Also, the fairly new 'Fat Italian' restaurant just before you get to Burscough on the A59 is also superb for food and excellent for staff friendliness. They do a happy hour Pizza or Pasta for £6.95 if you visit befor 6.30pm. Would recommend both to anyone who hasn't tried them.