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News & Current Affairs Forum (Please Read) -Updated 23/05

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Jun 7, 2004
The News Section has been reopened but there are conditions attached.

This section disproportionally takes up more mod/admin time than all the other sections combined. This is first and foremost a football forum and the news section has become “the tail wagging the dog”.

Most of the problems have been centred around a small group of posters (you know who you are). Final warnings have been issued, take them seriously as this is not an idle threat.

As a forum, visible to the rest of the world, we are always at risk from legal action over content posted by members. Keeping the forum legal is the most important part of mods/admins jobs, but everyone can help by playing their part. There is report button at the bottom of all posts for anyone who has concerns about it.

Going forward, threads that become problematic, especially because of racism, sexism, or any other discrimination will be closed or deleted. An approval queue for new threads was considered but decided against as it might delay breaking news stories. This remains an option in future though.

Existing threads which were causing problems have been removed, please don’t try to reopen them.

On behalf of the Moderation Team
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Not open for further replies.