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Hi all,

Just a quick update to say I've completed a second volume of NORTH END SOULS, which will be out soon. :)

Hopefully that's next month, depending on coronavirus and printers (!).

It's sixteen chapters (one more than last time) and a slightly different tack from the first one as I've spoken to players from the 1950s, 60s, 70s etc right up to the present day.

The older players have fascinating stories to tell about what it was like in Sir Tom's day. One or two others want to 'set the record straight'. There's the inside line on one or two notorious 'incidents' and plenty of funnies thrown in as well. (y)

But mainly, everyone wants to tell their stories and get across how proud they are/were to wear the shirt.

Ten per cent of the profits are going to charity again (details soon) and I'll also be donating some copies to the PNE Community department.

I'll keep you posted of progress, (the final line-up, etc) and in the meantime, if anyone's still not got the first volume . . .

Cheers all.

Staffordwhite / Keith (y):)


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Sir Tom Finney was mentioned on the Footballers Show on Sky today. The pundits had to name their top 5 players of all time. Sir Tom wasn't named, but Graeme Souness said he had to mention him. He never saw him play live, but he heard stories from Bill Shankly. He said if Bill Shankly thought so high of Sir Tom, he must have been special.


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Mooney and Ellis.... fantastic , can’t wait.

it will be interesting to hear Ellis’ view of the fans and the treatment he got after he left.......


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Just a quickie to say I can now confirm that ten per cent of any profits from NORTH END SOULS 2 will go to the Baby Beat Appeal at Sharoe Green.

It won't be a fortune (!) but we've raised around £1,000 for the Gary Parkinson Trust with the first one, so hopefully we can match that again. :)

Printers assure me it will be ready for early June, but I'll keep you posted on details.

Cheers all - and happy VE Day. :)