North End Souls 2: Full line-up (Out June 1)


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Just read the first 2, no spoilers , but after reading Jonny Mackens I had to watch the Brum game on YouTube :).
Great first two chapters


Really enjoying book 2, cheers Stafford.
Iv'e read Ainsworth, Macken and Bruce's chapters. My trouble is, I read a lot on Kindle, making the print a bit larger and so I'm finding it a bit more tiring on the old eyes.


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Ordered mine on the first, should I be worried or should I be patient? :unsure:
Definitely on the way.(y)😊 Apologies for any delays, postal service a bit disrupted at moment due to Covid. I’ve chased them up today and they say ‘tomorrow’. :rolleyes: Let me know if not. (y)
Might be having to change my user name to Paul Huntington = Legend after reading that chapter⚽💙
I've just read the Paul Huntington chapter too. It conclusively proves what we all know. He is exactly the type of player and person that you want representing our proud club. Inspirational stuff. I sincerely hope that he achieves his 300 appearances for the club & implore the club to arrange a fitting testimonial game for him in time... Cumbrian Canavaro