Official Club Statement from Craig Hemmings


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"The philosophy of PNE under our ongoing stewardship remains as set out by my father, Trevor Hemmings."

"We are simply custodians of our beloved PNE for the people of Preston. It is our goal to leave the club in better condition than when we took it over (when/if that day eventually comes)."

"The club are hugely grateful for the loyal support that it has always enjoyed from PNE fans, we do not take any of it for granted, as it is your very hard earned money you are spending week in and week out."

"Peter Ridsdale - working closely with all the backroom staff - is tasked with managing all the football related matters of the club. Peter is a very respected figure in the football world, his experience and knowledge are second to none."

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It's incredible to think that the way we go about stuff is a) working b) enjoyable and c) sustainable

A simple tweek to add player development, become financially self-sufficient and develop a club identity and playing style would've taken it to that next level and modernised. But no.


Definitely a Peter Ridsdale statement there……….

Basically shut up and accept that nothing’s changing