Pearson is a gift to the opposition.

black prince

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Since Pearson took that nasty edge out of his game, his performance levels has dipped, without question.

It's a fine line.
Nice to see Pearson having a chat with that nasty Mr Stroud at one point in the game.The Pearson of old would have been in his face full stop.IMO Pearson had a decent game today.

Lee Trundle

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Top defensive midfielder who is going through his first bad patch in what? 4 Years?

He remains a quality asset that other managers routinely praise and credit, although I will say that maybe it feels a little like Cunningham towards the end. Potentially time to move on and let him have an opportunity to play in a more ambitious side


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Pearson played a significant role in suppressing the threat of Wilson this afternoon- arguably the key role for a defensive midfielder against Cardiff.
Pearson is excellent as playing as a defensive shield for the back 4, IF the side is balanced, the midfield was out played by pace and counter attacking football, which was very well done by cardiff, they countered the way PNE play from the off, we couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt And didn’t have someone who could unlock them.

other than DJ and Gallager sat on the bench, Harrop not in the squad.

the creativity and that’s the real issue was left to Rudd punting it at stockley Who was up against two centre backs sat back smoking a relaxing cigar.