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RIP Pele .The times I watched the video Boys from Brazil about the team particularly 1970 which showed his absolute genius.He will never be forgotten.

RIP sir, and thanks for the memories.
R.I.P. to the Greatest,
Still remember watching on t.v 2 iconic moments against England, World Cup '70,
Moore's tackle and that save from Banksy'
Absolute sportsman as well, Argentina take note.
You see, this is why the inevitable comparisons between great players from different times are so difficult make. Messi/Ronaldo vs Pele/Maradona.
As one reporter on SSN just said, if today's referees took charge of matches back when Pele was in his pomp, the game would be finishing with six players from both teams left on the pitch. For Pele to score the number of goals (officially and unofficially) that he did when defenders where out to do a hatchet job on you is quite frankly unbelievable.