Penalty shoot outs.

Double J

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Im fine with penalties, wouldn’t even be suggested if we were any good at them.

Id reintroduce golden goal, adds excitement and could open the game up a lot more.

Saves 30 mins of fucking around as well when both teams seem pretty happy with pens.

Funky Monk

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I’m fine with the current format. Penalties are a decent solution to solve the problem of deciding a match that can’t/won’t be replayed by performing a technical skill under pressure (microcosm of professional sportsman). And it still involves at least half the team usually. Plus it’s exciting for neutrals to boot!

Golden goals actually resulted in teams being more defensive in ET, less goals and more pens as teams were terrified of the counter attack. That’s why they scrapped it (after a brief flirtation with the silver goal). I thought the ET periods in the Euros weren’t too bad and helped to resolve a couple of games without penalties.

I still see winning on pens as a ‘winning draw’ though 🤣 but history only remembers the winners so this fades with time I guess! Like losing the league title on goal average!! 😒


Reduce the teams to 7-a-side with no goalkeepers (but with 1 designated player allowed to handle it) but you can only score from within the penalty area.


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How about pairing up the players as in the good old 3 legged race style for extra would certainly be entertaining if that’s what people want...😂😉


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Have a pub games shoot-out.

Round 1 - sumo suits
Round 2 - human velcro darts
Round 3 - yard of ale

Points accumulated, specialist players for each round. Winner drinks a pint of Baileys out of the trophy.

Dirty Harry

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Nothing wrong with a penalty shoot out. Great entertainment and only ever moaned about by clubs/countries that have a poor track record in them.