Players' salaries

Deffo guess work ! Brad Potts is on a lot more than 5k per week... that said I think the Scott Sinclair one is accurate and some of those won’t be too far off.


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I don't think that those are far off the mark. Thing that puzzles me is why is Ripley a GGK and Rudd only a GK. Does the extra G mean good.


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If they are on those wages then I feel even more down , more so than I did after the deplorable performance last Saturday.

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Am I missing something here
This information would always be private and the GDPR act would demand as such.
Not dissimilar to employees addresses and personal details
Footballers are employees


I hate now footballers are the nation's bogeymen when it comes to salaries. There are faceless clowns in government, private companies, investment banking, etc, earning far more than this and their performances aren't scoured over on a weekly basis by angry mobs. Plus they all work to a proper retirement age or just give up when they make too much.

Footballers earn what their industry dictates they are worth. They get paid what clubs believe they are worth. Good luck to them apart from that cunt Ched Evans.