PNE Forever - Stories from the fans of Preston North End


PNE Forever - Stories from the fans of Preston North End


Is a new book which features interviews with (and photos of) 116 PNE fans, to provide a unique history of our club.
Fans recall the days of rattles and rosettes, Deepdale in the 60s and 70s, the Baxi years, and memories of Sir Tom, Shanks, Elwiss, Nobby, McGrath and Alexander. Their stories are our stories; relegation, re-election, promotion and play-offs galore. Anecdotes include; nicking Moysie's shorts, Hartlepool away, a lift to work off Sir Tom, Maradona's barber and a Pontins shirt, a half-time marriage proposal, PNE Ferries, and a mad night in Squires. It's all here!
In full colour with 272 pages and 12 chapters including Away Days, Prized Possessions, and Whites in Exile, this is one not to be missed.

The book will retail at £19.99 but is currently available to pre-order at just £15.00.

Please visit to place your order.

We are the one and only North End. These are our stories.


The Big Boss
Staff member
I've been fortunate enough to have a sneak peak at this new book and much like NES you will enjoy it.

Some familiar faces..... ;) some new ones but one thing for certain is it will make you miss attending matches.

Kitty Kat

First Team
Hi everybody :) Is anybody else having trouble ordering this new book ? I put my name & address in the order but, but it doesn't register. I just wondered if any more of you good people are getting the same ? Thanks 👍


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When you go on the website it’s flagged as not secure, at least on IPad. Is there anywhere else it can be bought from?