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PNE Online Moderator Election 2023 - Self-Nomination Thread


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Jun 7, 2004
PNE Online Moderator Election 2023
If you wish to join the Moderation Team, you can self nominate via this thread. Just pop your name on this thread and, if you wish, say a little bit about what you could bring to the team.

Nominations close at noon on Sunday 28th May.

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I’ve deleted all posts not relating to self-nomination. We’ve been through the personal views on the actions of moderators and other posters many times before and it’s just reanimating old grudges.
I'd be happy to help with this moderating.
Of the 2 criteria, I've been following since the late 60s and my family members before and after me.
So yes, i Love pne and have a little time to give to help the forum take place.

I was Radio Lancashires 1st fans panelist and did stuff on different shows such as Tony Liveseys breakfast when I won the pre-season table football competition in the studio. They transmitted from my house on the morning after the Leeds play off defeat... everyone was too miserable to comment!

I know everyone on the forum brings a passion for the club and the aching desire for promotion, but maybe I can bring a level head when needed. I work will all kinds of people, with all kinds of issues and so am used to folk 'kicking off' or 'whatevering', and can generally distance myself appropriately if appropriate to take a step back in order to resolve an issue.

I don't mind not being involved if others are happy to do the job, but offering to fill the gap if that is helpful.
I am happy to put my name forward if the forum needs extra help.
I am now @68 semi retired so have a little more time than previously.
i have had a number of customer facing businesses for 40 years or so, so have met and dealt with people from all walks of life.
I have supported PNE all my life having been brought up with stories of Tommy Finney by my Dad and Grandad (who was an old West Stand season ticket Holder) my first game was an 11.00 or 11.30 a.m. Easter Monday K.O against Grimsby Town in 1963- an unmemorable 0-0 i think!
Over the Years depending on circumstances I have had many season Tickets and other Seasons of just getting on when i can.
Having read the supa white army post i would say he is more than suitable and qualified for the position.
But i am happy to put my name forward if i can contribute in any positive way.
I do feel that i am reasonably sensible and level headed both in life generally and in my posts on here.
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