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CONFIRMED PNE Sign Stefán Teitur Thórdarson

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Chris Hemsworth Yes GIF
Fits the build of that big lad who plays for Stoke. Burger I think he’s called?

When we played them I thought we need someone just like that. Imposing.
This sounds good - we seem to have found a way to tap in the Scandinavian market though of course this fellow is actually from Iceland. We have now added two young but experienced midfielders to our resources. Now we need to add at least one ideally two mobile defensive players. We don't need another striker but we also do as a matter of urgency need to agree a new deal with Riis. Get those done and we will be beginning to shape up for the new season.
Just like Mads was last season, he’s a bit of an unknown, but if he turns out like Mads, I’ll be made up.

Exactly the market we should be working in, does seem to be great value for money in Scandinavia.

Full international, good age and looks a physical presence. Very happy.