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Matchday Thread PNE V Cardiff City - 25/11/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

Not bad starting line up. Hope Brady has a good un' . Strong bench too . Mads on bench. Lowe has gone with Osmajic & Ched up front , bit of powerhouse duo 🦏🦏 . Millar will be missed as he could put some great balls in for front 2 but Best has a mean left foot cross too
Not sure where they’ve got this announcer from but they need to send him back, he’s all over the place reading out the teams
Not on today unfortunately. The last 2 home games I've missed were the WBA 4-0 and Norwich 4-0 last season, so apologies in advance folks when we get tonked 4-0 🤣
Never mind the fact he's been flying around the world in the past week eh.... Jesus wept.
What a crock of an excuse that is, there will be loads of players turning out for loads of managers today all having done exactly the same! And by the way he didn't start the last home match either and he had being flying nowhere that week!!!!!