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Matchday Thread PNE v QPR - 1/12/23 - KO: 8PM - Championship

Literally In the cold light of day I think the conditions had a bigger impact on our performance than us sitting in the stands appreciated. Three weeks ago, Blackburn fans were complaining about the size of our team and last night on a frozen pitch it certainly favoured the the smaller lighter players of QPR . For example Lindsay has been phenomenal at center back this season but resembled Bambi on ice. Clutching at straws ? Maybe

The pitch didn't help but I don't think we can use that as an excuse.
North End have a limited number of players who belong in the top half of the Championship - Woodman, Whiteman, Browne, McCann, Hughes, Osmajic and Potts; the rest are skilled journeymen, able to contribute to a team performance but lacking the ability to change Championship games individually. (Mads has gifts but lacks the physicality to make a difference at this level)
Last night Whitman looked disinterested, Woodman lacking confidence, Browne, McCann and Hughes looking tentative on their way back to fitness and Osmajic and Potts missing.
The Management are charged with getting this collection (Lowe's squad) to compete and at present they don't seem to be able to lift the spirits of the team, and their changes of formation only seem to confuse the players so it is they who must carry the can. I believe that Mr Lowe wants us to succeed at Deepdale but he is not yet a genuine Championship manager, he is consistently out-tacticked by opposing managers.
Wholesale change is not necessary but the Manager needs help, maybe an experienced Director of football (maybe in place of Marsh but with more authority). My only anxiety is that Mr Lowe may lack the humility to respond to such advice.
I sense that before the game starts, RL instills the mindset that under no circumstances are we to concede goals and that puts a huge amount of pressure on the whole team to defend and they lose sight of actually trying to score. I’d rather see the mentality of just going out, play simple football and ‘score more than them’. Ipswich are a prime example, they play exciting, simple attacking football, and they concede, but when they do, they still rarely look like they are going to lose the game. Come on RL, just have a fucking go…. Please!!
Back from the match. Thought it couldn't get worse but it did.
Our last 3 results, all against teams below us, summarise our problems. Goals for 1 Goals against 8. We do not create, we do not defend. As it is I cannot see where the goals are coming from to win a game. All I see is some heavy defeats on the horizon.

One thing I would ask, the insults aimed at they Manager from the IP where I sit, please think about what you are shouting. I was sat next to a bloke and his young lad and the language used was totally unacceptable. I also , felt sorry,for a fellow human going to work and being abused. Ryan Lowe. Yes the football is dross and I fear we will slide towards the bottom of the table, but please. Think On
You've put it in a nutshell by saying we don't attack an we don't defend.
First game I've missed at home due to getting home from work in time for the 2nd half.
1st half, listened on radio on whilst driving home.
2nd half viewing seemed to be the same old problems.
No pressure on the ball out of possession. Toothless in attack.
Hughes poor on both goals but as usual with the goals we concede, the danger should be snuffed out well before Hughes's feeble attempts to deal with it.
2 wins in 12, plus all the other stats that make painful viewing.
Other managers have gone for much less than that.
Why not act now before it's too late?
Only positive i saw from last night was my mates son came on for QPR . Otherwise that was as poor as Middlesbrough away.
There must be an available coach out there who can get these players playing a more attacking game …..
Reflecting on the game I thought in the first half PNE kept the ball quite well with neat passing (although a lot of sideways/backwards )except in the final third where they created very little.The second half QPR were better more chances created and prob could have had more than 2 whereas PNE created very little.My biggest gripe partic in last 3 games is the lack of creativity it really is very poor and a tedious watch.