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Matchday Thread PNE v Salford City - 08/08/23 - KO:7:45 PM - EFL Cup

Only just catching up so sorry if its been said but i bet this is the silly any part of the body rule, i cannot tell properly but maybe its his arm (eagle eyes from the lino if that's what it was).
I've said it before but basically the game is football so its where the position the feet are that should distinguish offside, or not.
Plus it will be easier for the linesman in the EFL if that's basically what they have to focus on.
Sounds reasonable , you can’t score a goal with your hand so why should it be offside ?😉
This was a disappointing and frustrating result - I like cup competitions. Taking a broad view of things we have been reasonably successful in this competition over recent years and so it was probably just a matter of time before we went out at the first hurdle for a change. If you look at results in the first round of this competition quite a few Championship sides lose to lower league opposition. The reason isn't difficult to identify - the Championship sides put out weakened teams while the lower league sides see it as a chance for a bit of glory and put out full-strength sides who are hyped up and give it all they have got. There was a spectacular example just up the road from me here in South East London where Millwall, notoriously difficult to beat at their place, actually got tonked 4-0 at home - at least that didn't happen to us.

As for what happened to us I admit I had a bad feeling about this match beforehand and it was not helped by RL's selection. Now don't get me wrong - I have stressed repeatedly that we have an exceptionally talented group of youngsters at the moment and one of the thing for which I will commend RL is that he seems to recognise that and be willing to give them some first team action. But to put four of them on the field from the start against a team that may not have been as skillful as us (though their goalscorer showed some coolness in the way he got their second - would he be worth a punt) but was just bigger and stronger was asking for trouble - it was literally men against boys. Two youngsters at a time would have been better and only one of them in central midfield where the ability to win the ball is so crucial. Hopefully that is a lesson RL has learned.

Otherwise the positive thing from the night was the performance of Holmes who has surely earned himself a start tomorrow. If we can get the points then we will be able to write off this last match as just of those things. Let's move on.
Excellent summary but RL learning , can’t see that in a million years.