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Matchday Thread PNE v Swansea City - 26/08/23 - KO:3pm - Championship

Tricky one today and we should guard against complacency.

Very winnable if we’re on it mind.

Should be a decent game.
I too am going on...paid for IP ticket...choosing my games...still got my old sure I will be an albatross and bring bad fortune... fuck my luck...
I fancy us to win this today COYW. Boarding a cruise to Norway at 15-00 so doubt I will get to hear much commentary. Fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise when I finally get to hear what is/was happening. That would be a good start to my holiday :)
Fjords? Just done that with MSC, is well worth it, enjoy.
Are Swansea still playing 100 passes to gain 5 yards or changed now duff in charge ?
Be interesting to see. I remember under Frankie McAvoy we played them when they were just starting the playing out from the back style.
They weren’t very good at it at that stage and kept losing the ball in areas beneficial to us. Ended up with a comfortable 3-1 win.
Hope we get the same outcome today but 1-0 would do.