PNEFC Players of the year awards (PNE-Online VOTE NOW OPEN)

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Double J

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Player of the year? None of them.

Imagine handing awards out, rewarding utter failure. Id be embarrassed if i was collecting that award.

Should be voided.
I don’t get the love-in for Ledson. Yes he’s played well this season for sure in patches but then been poor for patches. I also see him as a walking card & imho I’m concerned he doesn’t have the discipline to really kick on & fulfil his potential. Clearly has ability, but football is as much, if not more so, played with the brain & he’s too reckless & wears his heart on his sleeve to the point where that is more of a weakness then a positive! Please prove me wrong as clearly a good guy & player there!

gotta be Iversen for me - colossus at the back & made season defining saves game after game.