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I've probs listened to all of em, from the very start so it's sad to hear about this.

I get it. Life absolutely changes and time becomes dominated by life. Thanks for taking the time to produce the output you have over the years and, been a massive part of my pne consumption. All the best chas.

Thanks for all of the support from the community on here over the years.

Thanks for all the PNE content! Best of luck. Going to miss the podcast more than you know.

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I've commented elsewhere on social media about this, but it's a real shame you are jacking it in. I listened regularly and I always thought that you offered a balanced and realistic view of all things PNE. As it had seemed so long since the last episode, and you asked for new contributors on here, I was wondering if it was coming to the end. You will certainly be missed by me - you are on my regular rotation of podcasts that I listen to on my commute.

Good luck with your new role and thank you for the last few years of podcasting.
Will desperately miss the podcast mate. I've been a huge fan since the very start. All the best in the new appointment though. What a great addition to the club.