Poll - Is it time for Frankie to Go?

Should Frankie be sacked ASAP?

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Criticized him plenty this season and results continue to be up and down but ultimately 10 points clear of bottom 3 considering state side was in August is a good effort from rookie manager.

No chance of any serious play off challenge but he's picking up some good results against teams in top half and better season than what Neil was producing 12 months ago.

Just wish there was some actual direction from the very top as still can't escape the feeling it's a bit of accident team is comfortably mid table given the aimless direction the club is drifting around currently.


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Awful start, PNE not at the races, far too much respect for Fulham, couldn’t get or retain the ball.
I thought we were ok first half, we were right to be wary of Fulham's quality, they can blow teams away in the first half hour with no way back.

I just don't want to see the same caution against shite like Reading or Blackpool.


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The return of Chedwyn has without doubt been the saving grace for Frankie.

Thought we were good second half today after a poor start to the game where we looked lost but whatever was said and done at half time had an impact.

I'm still of the opinion we have a better HC at the helm because this squad has something about it with the potential and ability of some of the squad.

Frankie's going nowhere and whilst I don't think it's the right option long-term, we're sticking with him for the foreseeable and I just hope results and performances come from these next few games because it's our club at the end of the day and that won't ever change.


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I’ve knocked him plenty and despite a great week for Frankie, I still don’t think he’s the right man for us, however, I can’t complain about anything today. Tuesday we were awful for 80 minutes, but today was the total opposite and a very good performance. Ched regaining fitness could well have saved or at least extended Frankies managerial career!

Mooney magic

Still needs to go, the mood changed after Blackpool, and it ain't gonna turn back. Sorry, but this mode of football is just not inspiring, not exciting, and ultimately will not achieve anything other than staying up as a best case scenario.
Callus Davidson, Ian Cathro, or .... Emma Hayes in.


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As with Bournemouth, got it right today after a shocking opening half hour, but owes a lot of that to Evans, who’s saved our backsides again

Just shows difference effective striker can make. Imagine if Neil had been backed in that area in Jan 2018 or the summer Robinson went.

And Evans came from a mid table league 1 team aswell.


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He's had a good week, 4 points out of 6, so I'm happy for him.

I want to see where we are at 5:00pm on January 3rd next year before I offer any ringing endorsements of his coaching skills.

What's significant about that date? Will likely be 10-15 points above bottom 3 and still 5-7 points off 6th so don't see another month making another difference.

Like end of last season he's doing o.k with some poor performances thrown in. Not sure what much else there is to expect with the general lack of ambition from the top.


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Only thing from today, just felt maybe with a bit more inventiveness or set piece preparation we could have taken advantage of some of the free kicks we had today - possibly gallys department however.


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To be brutally honest Ched Evans has come to the rescue of Frankie and probably Ridsdale with his couple of goals.
Evans has to start games because his presence (dark arts) gives a lackluster team some bite and he strikes fear in opposition defences.
I have to say we have to give Frankie more time now, I would still prefer a change but it would be disingenuous not to allow more time.
Perhaps January would be a good time to look where we sit.
We do have a bigger problem off the field with fan's voting with their feet, there wasn't 10,000 in the ground today which is serious concern for the club. People are getting out of the habit and it will be difficult to get fan's back now, which is a sorry state of affairs and rank bad management from Peter Ridsdale and Co.
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